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Seven Skills That You Can Learn From Chess Problems

Kheliyad Chess Puzzle 17 | Seven Skills That You Can Learn From Chess Problems.This is the 17 th part of the Kheliyad Chess Puzzle we have come up with to improve our chess skills. You try to solve this chess puzzle everyday. I’m sure you can play good chess.

   Chess Puzzle No. 1   

Kheliyad Chess Puzzle
Black to move and find the best move

Removing the guard. Can you solve?

   Chess Puzzle No. 2   

Learn From Chess Problems
Black to move and find the best move

Can you solve? It’s a Pin move.

   Chess Puzzle No. 3   

White to move and find the best move

White to play and Black collapse. can you solve?

   Chess Puzzle No. 4   

Black to move and find the best move

Beautiful move for Black side. can you solve?

Seven Skills That You Can Learn From Chess Problems

1. Visualization

Many skills are unknowingly developed while studying the movements of the pieces on the board. One of them is visualization. visualization skills are definitely developed if you constantly try to solve the chess problems. The whole board is moving in front of your eyes. It would not be a mistake to say that the concept of blindfold chess came from that. This skill is also used in other studies. Mathematics, science subjects are better understood.

2. Calculation

In chess, it is wrong to think one way or the other. It is very important to think positively from all sides. This skill is developed while solving a chess puzzle. Calculation is the whole idea of ​​the consequences of playing a trick. Chess problems develop 360-degree thinking skills. 

3. Tactics

How much you solve a chess problem every day is very important. You must solve at least a hundred chess puzzles every day. Strategy skills are developed while solving this chess puzzle. Tactics are needed when attacking an opponent’s king.

4. Evaluation / Analysis

It is necessary to analyze the developments in order to advance oneself. If you find any errors in the moves you make, you should be able to identify them. That’s why analyzing skills develops when you think of the next 15 moves. This skill can be acquired gradually if the chess puzzle is solved consistently.

5. Strategy

You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. We have learned in history that tactics are used during war. A similar strategy has to be adopted in the game of chess. Strategy This skill can be mastered by you through chess. It requires daily practice. The habit of solving chess puzzles teaches you strategy.

6. Openings

Many people know very little about how to start chess. However, if the start is not good then the whole innings collapses. Therefore, every move must be considered. Opening skills are developed if the chess puzzle is solved continuously. Is one of the most important skills in chess.

7. Endgames

Endgame is one of the most important skills in chess. Grandmasters place more emphasis on this skill. Most players ignore the endgame. The chess puzzle is the best solution to that. Endgame skills are developed through chess puzzles.

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